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His shoulders began to shake. At first, I thought it must be the fever, and then I thought it could be something else, so I left my spot by the window and went to him.
For guys, breaking down is a private thing. Never let them see you cry, means you’re weak, means you’re soft, a baby, a wuss. Not very manly and all that BS. I couldn’t imagine the pre-Arrival Ben Parish crying in front of anyone, the guy who had everything, the boy who all the other boys wanted to be, the one who broke others’ hearts and never suffered his own to be broken.
I sat beside him. I didn’t touch him. I didn’t speak. He was where he was and I was where I was.
“Sorry,” he said.
I shook my head. “Don’t be.”

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alelea replied to your post: 15 things that make me happy

I will like to take some credit for numbers 3 and 7 ;)

As you should!

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Anna, Lola and Isla’s characters: Dolores “Lola” Nolan

You only have one chance to make a first impression.

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fangirl challenge  ten tv shows
↳ [7/10] gilmore girls 

Rory: If the house was burning down, what would you save first, the cake or me? Lorelai: Not fair! The cake doesn’t have legs!

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Blue Sargent & Richard Campbell Gansey III + visions

He leaned across the gearshift toward her, pressing fingers to the place her collarbone was exposed. His breath was hot on her neck.
Gansey, she warned, but she felt unstable and dangerous.
I just want to pretend, Gansey said, the words misting on her skin. I want to pretend that I could.
The Blue in the vision closed her eyes.
Maybe it wouldn’t hurt if I kiss you, he said. Maybe it’s only if you kiss me—

It’ll be okay, Gansey told the other Blue. She could tell that he was afraid. It’ll be okay.
Impossibly, Blue realized that this other Blue was crying because she loved Gansey. And that the reason Gansey touched her like that, his fingers so careful with her, was because he knew that her kiss could kill him. She could feel how badly the other Blue wanted to kiss him, even as she dreaded it.
Okay. I’m ready—Gansey’s voice caught, just a little. Blue, kiss me.

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Does it ever s t o p? The wanting y o u?

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Pity does not get you aid. Admiration at your refusal to give in does.

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15 things that make me happy

tagged by allisunargents THANK YOU!! :*

  1. my mom
  2. catching up with my RL friends
  3. talking to my internet friends
  4. buying new books
  5. fictional characters
  6. teddy bears
  7. buddy reading books
  8. disney movies
  9. discovering new music
  10. cute dresses/sweaters
  11. friends (the tv show)
  12. mom’s lemon cake
  13. seeing movies in theater
  14. looking at cute boys
  15. alone time after a long day

tagging alelea and everyone else who wants to do it

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